Residents of Hawaii: Please take a quick minute to email or call your local Hawaii Senator and Representative and ask them to fund the rat lungworm bill SB 272

If SBS 272 is passed, then researchers at UH Hilo (who have been researching rat lungworm for the past five years) can further their efforts and research on rat lungworm disease. Some of the objectives:

  • Get a blood test diagnostic created
  • Research more on catchment water and risks of rat lungworm, and what the best solutions are
  • Continue working on rinse solutions
  • Continue programs and education in communities and school gardens
  • Examine potential for de-worming rats

We need SB 272 to pass! It is being voted on again tomorrow, April 26. Please email

Senator Jill Tokuda, Chair of the Ways and Means Committee (

Representative Sylvia Luke, Chair of the House Finance Committee (

this post was created with information found from a combination of Facebook posts of Kaye Howe and Senator Russell Ruderman and Dr Mark Kimura of Lower Puna Infographics and the author’s own opinions- all opinions in this post are my own